Product Updates December 2017

Improved Site Speed and User Experience with AWS: Our sites were migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in November. As a result, we’ve seen a significant improvement in site speed and stability. Users now experience quicker page load times, resulting in more engagement and interaction with your listings.

Enhanced Images in the MLS: Images within a listing in the MLS can now be enlarged and shown with captions. The new gallery is also easy to navigate, with back and forth arrows on all images so you can scroll and quickly get to the photos of your choice.  

New Photo Gallery in Listing Emails: Listing Emails now include a “Photo Gallery” button which takes you to a new tab with all of the listing’s images. This gallery is similar to the new gallery in the MLS with enlarged images, captions and an easy to scroll navigation.  

Improved Uploads for BoatWizard Headshots: Headshots for your BoatWizard Profile and Printable Listings can now be uploaded directly from your computer. This improvement makes it easier to brand your listings and showcase your inventory alongside your contact information.  

Simplified Account Creation, Including Social Sign On: It’s now easier than ever for consumers to create an account on Boat Trader. We’ve simplified the account creation form, making it easier for a user to sign up, save boats and get emails from Boat Trader. Social Sign On is now an option as well, so a user can just use Facebook or Google+ to sign up even faster.
What does this mean for you?  It means more repeat users seeing and saving your boats. More leads coming in to your dealership and more boats leaving your lot!

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