How to upload a photo or video to your listing

TIP: Photos must be in jpg & png formats and no larger than 50MB each. Videos can be added with a YouTube link or must be in the most popular formats, including mp4, .flv, avi, wmv, and mov.

Step 1. After completing the required data under Basic Details, upload photos and videos. 

Step 2. To add photos, click on the Add Photo button located in the Photos section. This will open the photo uploader.

Step 3. Drag and drop or select the photos from your computer by clicking the box.

Step 4. Once your photos have been added to the uploader, click on the Upload button.

Step 5. To add videos, click on Add Video located in the Videos section. This will open the video uploader.

  1. Step 6. There are two ways to upload videos:

  • Add a YouTube link.
  • Upload an mp4 file. Step 7. To add a YouTube link, select the type of video you will be adding. Step 8. Next, enter details about the video.
  1. Enter a title for the video in the Title field.
  2. Enter a brief description of the video. Though optional, having a description is SEO-friendly and provides more information to prospects. An example is: Experience the all-new Regulator 41, updated with features to meet your every offshore need. Powered by all-new quad engines and with added stability, the 41 is everything you’ve ever wanted in a luxury sportfisher. 

    Step 9. Lastly, copy and paste the YouTube link in the field, YouTube URL and click Attach. Then, click Save.TIP: Do not use a bitly URL or the share URL from the video on YouTube. Instead, use the URL that appears in the top address bar.

Step 10. If you have a video file on your computer, select Upload a Video from the drop-down menu. This will open a new tab with the video uploader. 

Step 11. Add details about the video

(1) Select the type of video you are uploading.
(2) Enter a title for the video.
(3) Choose the video file from your computer that you will like to upload.
(4) Enter a description (See Step 8 for an example of a quality description).
(5) Click the Upload button  

Step 12. Your YouTube link or video file will be uploaded to your listing and appear in the Videos section

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