How to build a listing using BLAST data

Step 1. Click on the Inventory tab at the top of the BoatWizard menu.

Step 2. Click on the Add button.

Step 3. Enter the make of the boat in the Make field. As you type, corresponding brands will appear in the drop-down. Select the Make that matches your boat listing.

Step 4. Enter the model name in the Model field. As you type, corresponding models will appear in the drop-down. Select the Model that matches your boat listing.

Step 5. Click Continue.

Step 6. If the query runs successfully, factory BLAST data will appear. To load the BLAST specs, select the option that best represents your boat. 

TIP: If the query does not render BLAST results, ensure that the Make and Model are spelled correctly and reflect appropriate factory names. If they are, then click Create Listing from Scratch and follow the steps provided.

Step 7. BLAST data will auto-populate most of the Basic Details of the boat specifications. Complete any additional fields. 

TIP: BLAST data pre-populates stock photos for the boat make/model. To generate more and higher quality leads, we recommend uploading actual photos of the boat. 

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