How to perform a search in the MLS

Step 1. Click on the MLS tab located on the top menu in BoatWizard.

Step 2. Select your search criteria from the options below:

(1)  Listing Type - Select from Central/Exclusive, Open/Non-exclusive and Trade-in.
(2)  Co-op Type - Select from Available for Co-brokerage or Not Available for Co-brokerage.
(3)  New/Used - Select from New or Used condition.
(4)  NFS/Sale Pending - Select boats that are Not for sale (NFS) or have a Sale Pending designation
(5)  Mfg/Model - Enter the boat's make or model.

TIP: To enter multiple makes or models, insert a comma between each brand or model name (i.e. Sea Ray, Malibu, Regulator)

Step 3. Select the Type of boat from the options below:

TIP: To select multiple types, hold down the control key (PC) or command key (Mac) while selecting each boat type.

Step 4. Next, complete the fields for Length, Year, Price, Max Draft and Number of Cabins.

TIP: To generate broader results, leave these details blank. 

Step 5. Units of measurement and currency default to your location. If you would like to view search results in a different currency or unit of measurement, adjust it in the area below.

Step 6. Search by Hull Material, Fuel type, and Number of Engines by selecting from the options in the drop-downs below.

TIP: To generate broader results, select All

Step 7. If you are looking for boats in a specific city, enter it in the City field.

TIP: This search will query results based on keywords (not exact wording). For example, to search for boats in Daytona Beach, you can type in Daytona.

Step 8. To search by State, Country, and Worldwide, select from the options in the corresponding fields. You can only search by one category at a time.

TIP: Within each of the categories, you can select multiple options. To select multiple states, countries or regions within those fields, hold down the control key (PC) or command key (Mac) while clicking each location.

Step 9. Next, search by the following criteria:

(1)  Boats Added Recently - Find new boats added in the MLS within the last 60 days.
(2) Boats Changed Recently - View listings that have recently been updated with new descriptions, images, etc.
(3) Price Changed Recently - Search for listings with recent price changes
(4) Number of Boats per Page - By default, each results page will display 30 listings. To view more or fewer results, select from the drop-down. 
(5) Company Name - Search by brokerage firm name. This search is based on keyword search, so if you're searching for boat listings with John Doe Brokerage, you can search by Doe.
(6) Brokerage URL - Search by the brokerage URL associated with the brokerage firm’s YachtWorld minisite. For example, John Doe Yachts can be found by searching
(7) Boat ID# - Search by the boat ID number, which is the number that appears in the listing URL on For example, in the URL below, the Boat ID is bolded:
(8) Boat Name - If you know the name of the boat for which you are searching, enter it in this field. This search is based on keyword search, so if you're searching for a named Reel Relief, you can search by Reel or Relief. Select a specific location to narrow the search, especially when a boat name is popular.

TIP: The MLS Select Listings are no longer supported, do not check the box or your search will come back blank.  

Step 10. Customize the information you want to view in search results by selecting criteria from the Results Customization panel. By default, search results will display Image, Brokerage Firm Name, Codes, and Location.

TIP: The Saved Reports function is currently unavailable and should not be used.

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