How to run a search in Soldboats

Step 1. Click on the Soldboats tab on the top navigation bar.

Step 2. Enter your search criteria in the search box.

(1) New/Used - Search for new and/or used boats
(2) Mfg/Model - Enter a boat make or model. To search for multiple makes/models, add a comma between each make/model (i.e. Sea Ray, Sunseeker, Viking)
(3) Type - Select the type of boat you are searching for
(4) Boats Sold Recently- Search from 1 to 30 days
(5) Date Range - Search by a custom date range 

Step 3. In the next section, enter additional search criteria.

(1) Length - enter the length range
(2) Year - enter the year range
(3) Price - enter the price range
(4) Units - select the unit of measurement in which you would like to view search results 
(5) Currency - select the currency in which you will like to view search results 

Step 4. Search within a specific City, State, Country or Region.

TIP: Searches must be conducted within one category location at a time (City, State, Country OR Region). Therefore, please ensure all other categories appear as All.

Step 5. Search by advanced criteria. 

(1) Boat ID# - Search by the boat ID number, which is the number that appears in the listing URL on For example, in the URL below, the Boat ID is bolded:
(2) Boat Name - If you know the name of the boat for which you are searching, enter it in this field. This search is based on keyword search, so if you're searching for a named Reel Relief, you can search by Reel or Relief. Select a specific location to narrow the search, especially when a boat name is popular.(3) Boats with Comments - Include sales comments from the broker that sold the boat.
(4) Boats per Page - Select the number of boats you want to view on each search results page (up to 100).

Step 5. Click on Search.

TIP:  To start over with a new search, click on Clear Choices.

Step 7. Your search results will appear in list view. You can change this to Full Listing View by clicking the link on the top.

Step 8. Sort results by clicking on the top of each column. Sort by:

(1) Length - Sort by shortest to longest or longest to shortest
(2) Boats - Sort alphabetically based on Make 
(3) Year - Sort by most recent to oldest year
(4) Listed $ - Sort by high to low listing price
(5) Sold $ - Sort by high to low sold price

TIP: If your search criteria does not deliver results, adjust criteria to search for wider year and price ranges, remove the boat name, enter in the make model, etc.

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