How to create a Professional Boat Shopper email alert

Step 1. Conduct a search in the MLS for which you want to receive alerts.

TIP: The alert will be set-up based on this search criteria.

Step 2. Click the link, Notify me when more boats like these are available.

Step 3. Complete the details for setting up your notification using the steps below.

Email Notifications

(1) Add a new email address for notifications, enter it in the Add an email address field.

Customer Information

(2) If you are creating this alert for a client already in your Contacts, select them from the drop-down menu.
(3) If you are creating this alert regarding a customer already in your Contacts, you may select them from this drop down menu.

Step 4. Click on Save this Search.

TIP: To start over, click on Clear. This will clear the current information.

Step 5. You will receive an email alert every 1-3 days as new inventory matching your search criteria is added to the MLS. An example of this email is below:

(1) Email address receiving the notification 
(2) Client name and email 
(3) Search criteria used to create inventory matches
(4) Boat listing(s) that match your search criteria

TIP: Ensure that is added to your safe sender list to avoid being sent to your Spam folder!

Step 6. To modify or delete a notification, click on the PBS Saved Searches tab on the BoatWizard menu.

Step 7. Find the search you would like to modify/delete and click on the Edit or Delete link located below the contact name.

TIP: Create a new notification by clicking on New Search from the PBS Saved Searches tab, or begin a new search in the MLS and follow the steps above.

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