How to add a new contact in CRM

Step 1. Click on the CRM tab on the top menu.

Step 2. Click on the Contacts tab in the Lead Manager section. Click on Add a Contact.

Step 3. Enter contact information in the fields provided. Once finished, click Save.

Step 4. To enter more detailed contact information, click on Additional Info.

Step 5. The contact form will expand as the example below shows.  

TIP: Add notes about a contact in the Additional Information area.

Step 6.  When finished, click Save.

Step 7.  You will be directed to the full contact page of the recently-added prospect.

TIP: From this page, you can add additional information for the contact, such as Boats of Interest, Reminders, and History Notes.

Step 8. To locate the new contact, go to your Contact List under the Contacts tab in Lead Manager and sort by Date Created.

TIP:  Search for a contact by entering the name, email, or phone number in the field under Search Contacts.

To search by more specific criteria, click on Advanced Search Options to open an expanded window.

Step 9. Click on Go to conduct a search. If you want to start over, click on Clear to clear all fields and enter new search criteria.

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