How to generate an email lead report

Step 1. Click on the Reports tab in BoatWizard and select Download Your Leads.

Step 2. You will be prompted to download your email leads to an Excel report.

Step 3. The file will automatically download to your computer. To access it, go to your most recent downloads folder.

Step 4.  This file will contain the following information:

  • Name - Sender's name
  • Email - Sender's email
  • Phone - Sender's phone number
  • Contact ID - Unique ID assigned to sender
  • IMT ID - Internal ID of the listing
  • Listing ID - External ID of the listing
  • Party ID - Unique ID of agent/broker
  • Message - Message from sender
  • Source - Portal from which lead originated 
  • Source URL - URL of portal from which lead originated
  • Received On - Date the lead was received

NOTE: This report will only show you the email leads from the last 30 days.

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