How to create an all-star listing

The best listings deliver the best results - from achieving higher search engine rankings to increasing listing views on YachtWorld, Boat Trader and Read below to learn our top tips for creating an All-Star listing and start improving your results!

Tip #1 - Use BLAST data to build your listing.

When creating a listing, it's important that the specifications for your boat are as accurate as possible - from the make and model to the condition of the boat. The best way to accomplish this is by using BLAST (Build Listing And Save Time) data.

BLAST data is based on boat specifications provided directly from the manufacturer. Fields such as Make, Model, Length, Year, Class, Fuel Type, and Hull Material will be pre-populated in the basic details. Additionally, stock images of the boat will automatically appear in the photo section.

You can edit descriptions and add/remove photos as you complete the listing. We recommend adding actual photos to the listing for best results! Consumers are much more likely to click on listings with actual photos than those with stock images. 

To learn how to use BLAST data, please read this article.

Tip #2 - Upload as many quality photos as you have! Display the best one first.

One of the most important aspects of your ad is the selection of photos you display. To keep potential prospects engaged, upload at least 11 photos to your listing. Our data suggests that the number of photos in an ad affects lead count.  The “sweet spot” falls between 11 and 25 photos per ad. 

The quality of the photos also has an affect on user engagement. When taking photos of your boat, set your camera settings to the highest resolution for HD quality images.

Lastly, you should always use the best photo of your boat as the default image. We define this as having a full picture of your boat and displaying the best angle.

Tip #3 - Use searchable keywords in the description of your boat.

When writing your boat’s description, think about the keywords that prospects may be using to search for that type of boat.  It’s no secret that search engines such as Google and Bing use sophisticated algorithms based on keywords to better direct users to relevant content, so the more detailed your description is, the higher the chances your listing will appear in search results.

Hint: If your boat is powered by a fuel efficient outboard engine, add those keywords to your description! Consumers are interested in details like "fuel efficient." Be aware that "stuffing" your description with keywords is seen as spam, and search engines will not reward such practices. 

Tip #4 - Add external links to your listing.

The last step when creating a listing in BoatWizard is adding details such as warranty information and flag of registry. 

Just below is the  External Links section, where you will be able to upload external links that give prospects even more details about the boat you are selling. These external links produce certified page views for your listing and add another level of engaging content that prospects will find valuable.

Following best practices like these will help you engage more consumers and sell boats faster!

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