How to email a listing from the MLS

Step 1. Run a search in the MLS

Step 2. In the search results page select the listing(s) you would like to email.

Step 3. Click the "Email these listings" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 4. You will be taken to a page with the following email options:

(1)  Include Office Information For - Select from this menu the office information you will like to include.

(2)  Include Broker Name - Select a broker name to include.

(3)  Include Website URL - Keep this box checked if you would like to include your company‚Äôs website url within the email header.

(4)  Terms of Use and Privacy Policy - This box must be checked in order to proceed with the email.

(5)  Contact List - Click on the Contact List button to send this email to a contact in your Lead Manager. You can then proceed to send this email via the Lead Manager.

(6)  Open Form - Use this form to send this email to a new contact

Step 5. Once your email is drafted, hit the Preview Email button.

Step 6.  If you are pleased with the preview, click Send Email.

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