What are Promoted Listings on YachtWorld and what can it do for my business?

Promoted Listings - Capture your competitor’s audience.

Where is this ad located?

Promoted Listing ads appear on a search results page and are located on the top right corner.

Who will see this ad?

This ad placement is sold monthly in 13 different regions. It will appear in a search result page for up to 7 different boat types. (i.e. If you select to appear in a search result page for Cruisers and Center Consoles, anyone searching those boat types in the region selected will have an opportunity to view your ad)

Top Benefit:

Increase listing activity. This placement is a great option if you would like to capture your competitor’s audience but have a strict budget. This ad spot will deliver 100,000 impressions and on average 150 more listing views per month.

If you're interested in purchasing a Promoted Listing, please speak with your Regional Sales Consultant or email allsales@boats.com

You may also visit the Boats Group website for additional details on this ad.

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