What are Enhanced Listings on Boat Trader and what can it do for my business?

Enhanced Listings - Increase listing size and activity.

Where is this ad located?

Enhanced listings can be found on any search results page. These listings appear larger than normal listings.

Who will see this ad?

The audience for this ad is dependent on search criteria. How your listing matches up with a search query affects what search page your listing will appear on. It will appear larger than normal listings and will stand out.

Top Benefit:

Accelerate listing performance. If your business is seeking to draw more attention to a listing that is in a competitive boat type segment, enhanced listings is a good option. On average, this ad spot will receive 25% more listing views per month.

For more information on the Enhanced Listings, please speak with your Region Sales Consultant or email allsales@boats.com

You may also visit the Boats Group website for additional details on this placement.

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