How to add a video to the homepage carousel on your website

NOTE: Contact your Account Manager to activate the video feature on your homepage carousel.

Videos can be used to promote a business, the brands they carry, featured boats, events and so on.

Step 1. On your Dashboard menu, go to Home Carousel and click Add New to upload your video or to paste the link URL from YouTube or Vimeo.

Step 2. Navigate to Featured Video on the right side. You can elect to upload a video from your computer or insert a video URL from Youtube or Vimeo. Click Save Changes when done.

NOTE: Only one video can be uploaded. Uploaded video cannot exceed 25MB.

Step 3. Under Categories, make sure Home is selected.

Step 4. Click Publish.

Adding a video from YouTube:

Step 1. Go to the Youtube video you will like to display your carousel. Click on the Share icon and copy the URL link shown.

Step 2. Go to the Home Carousel in your dashboard then click Add New at the top.

Step 3. Scroll down and paste the URL into the field Video URL as shown below. Click Save Changes.

Adding a video from Vimeo:

Step 1. Select the video you will like to add to your carousel and click Share. A window will pop up with the URL of your video. Copy the URL.

Step 2. Go to Home Carousel and paste the URL into the field Video URL as previously seen in step 3 of how to add a YouTube link.

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