Boats and Engine Inventory Details Sidebar Widgets

The page Boats/Engine Inventory Details have widget zones, which allows adding items to the sidebar below the contact forms on details pages. With this option, you can personalize your page and include components that will promote your product or increase your leads.

Step 1. Go to your Dashboard and click on Pages

Step 2. Find the Inventory Boat Details Page and click Edit (Or Inventory Engine Details Page for engines.

Step 3. Once you’re on the page you will see a container box called Detail Page Sidebar towards the bottom of the page

Step 4. Click and drag the widget you want to add to the page to the Detail Page Sidebar area.

Step 5. Click Save All.

TIP: This functionality is useful for instances where you want to add a banner on the boat details page or any information that you would like to have accessible when looking at the boat details

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