How to upload an image to the home page carousel on your website

Adding a new carousel image:

NOTE: All carousel images should be the exact same pixel size for the best slideshow experience, for example: 1200 x 400.

We recommend they be at least 1100 pixels wide, with a height that doesn't push your main content too far down the page (400-600 pixels).

Step 1. From the Dashboard menu, under Appearance click on Home Page Carousel.

Step 2. Select the Add New button. at the top of the page.

Step 3. Under Categories on the right-hand side check the box next to ‘Home’.

Step 4. Towards the bottom of the right side, click Set Featured Image.

Step 5. A pop-up will appear displaying the media library images. If you will like to replace this image with an image you've uploaded earlier, select the image from the media library. If not, select Upload Files, and then Select Files.

Step 6. Select the image from your computer and upload it to the website.

Step 7. If the image is uploaded correctly, it will appear in the first selected box on the top left in the media library tab. Click the Set Featured Image button on the right.

Step 8. Once the image is updated, scroll up to the top of the page and click the Update button.

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