How to add a staff member to the crew page on your website

Step 1. Within the dashboard menu, select the Crew Members tab then click on Add New.

TIP: You may also click on Crew Members then Add New at the top.

Step 2. Complete the following fields pertaining to the staff member:

  • First and Last name (Required)
  • Crew Photo  *In order to optimize quality, the minimum image size is  640×480 px with a  4:3 aspect ratio
  • Crew Information:  Job Title, Phone, Email
  • Brief Bio of the crew member
  • Professional Certificates (if applicable; i.e. CPYB, CYBA, etc)

NOTE: If multiple offices are being featured, the staff member must be assigned to an Associated Office. This option is located on the right side of the editor.  

Check the box of the office associated with the new staff member.

Step 3. Select Publish.

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