Benefits of adding a video to your website homepage carousel

Did you know you can add a video to your to your carousel instead of the images?

This feature has the potential to be very useful and valuable if you have a good quality video. Don’t hesitate to invest in high-quality video content, that is relevant to your business and aligns with your homepage goal(s). You can achieve that by defining the main purpose of adding a video, for example:

  • Generate leads
  • Increase the average amount of time that your clients spend on it
  • Create brand or product awareness

If you question whether you should opt for images or video, here are some benefits of including a video on your homepage:

  • It is a powerful content that can add significant value to your website
  • It can make your web content easier to share and gives it greater visual impact when it’s shared on social media
  • Can be used to promote your business, the brands you carry, your featured boats, important events and so on
  • Can increase the average time a user spends on your website
  • It can help build your credibility

Important: If you want the video feature to be available on your homepage carousel, ask your Client Account Partner to activate it. 

Best Practices

When used effectively, video is one of the powerful tools available for engaging an audience — it delivers more emotion and allows people to “feel” a product or service. Don’t choose just any video because it looks good. The video you choose has to be relevant to the overall purpose of your website or your business. Picking just a “nice” video can make your website more interesting, however, choosing the right video that highlights what your business/product can deliver is a very powerful marketing and branding tool.

  • Size is important – keep it small, upload a short video that could be less than 5MB in size and 5-10 seconds long. Research has shown that poor website loading speed can cause your visitors to leave your website prematurely, and possibly lowering your search engine rankings
  • Use short video clips that loop
  • If you want to upload your own video, the formats accepted are MP4 and AVI
  • High-quality videos only
  • Mute your video. By default, your videos will be added muted, we recommend not to change it
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