How to make an image clickable on your website page

Step 1. Copy the link that you want the image to link to.

Step 2. On the dashboard menu, click on Pages and find the page you would like to add the clickable image to.

TIP: You can find a page quickly by using the search bar located to the right.

Step 3. Follow the steps in this article to add a new image to your website page - including the link for the image.

Step 4. After adding the image to the page. Click on the image and press the Edit icon as shown below.

Step 5. An Image Details window will open where you can edit the image displayed.

Step 6. Under the Link To optionchoose the Custom URL option within the dropdown. In the box that appears, paste the link where you would like to have the image linked to.

Note: In case you're linking the image to an external link, click on Advanced Options and make sure you check off the box next to Open link in a new tab. 

Once you're done, click on the Update button.

Step 7. Don't forget to publish your changes by pressing the Update button at the top right side of the page.

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