How to add an image to an internal page on your website

Step 1. In the dashboard menu, select Pages and navigate to the page you would like to add the image to.

TIP: You can find a page quickly by using the search bar located to the right.

Step 2. Place your mouse cursor in the location of where you will like to add the image.

Step 3. Click on Add Media at the top.

Step 4. Click on Select Files and select the image(s) you would like to add to your page. Once the images are uploaded, they will be added to the Media Library.

Step 5. The new image(s) will be automatically selected once uploaded to the media library. 

TIP: Before adding it to the website, make sure you add an Alt Text description of the image. Alt Text is used for screen readers and making your website accessible for the visually impaired. For more information on Alt Text and other tips to make your website accessible, read this article.

Step 6. You may set up the size of the image, as well as alignment, or linking the image to an external link.

Alignment: Defines the alignment and position of the image on the page. 

None - the image will be aligned to the left of the screen. Any content before the image will appear at the top of the image and any content after the image will appear to the bottom of the image. 

Left - the image will be aligned left with respect to any previous content. 

Right - the image will appear to the right of the previous content. 

Center - the image will appear at the center of the screen where the previous content will appear above the image and any content after the image will appear to the bottom of the image.

Link To: The dropdown will allow choosing between a few options. The recommended one would be Custom URL in case you would like to link the image to a specific page or link. Follow this link for more information on making an image clickable. 

Size: Choose the size you would like the image to appear in. You can choose between thumbnail, medium, large (in case the image is larger than the usual large size) or full size to display the image with its full size. 

Step 7. Click on the Insert into page button to add the image to the page.

Step 8. Make sure to Update the page after you are done editing.

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