SEO – What to avoid

1. Unrelated Keywords
Don’t add irrelevant keywords to the copy for extra page views. For example, adding a competitor brand to a page to generate traffic for a boat brand that you do not carry. I.e. Creating a page with content relating to Regal boats when you carry Sea Ray. This will only frustrate your visitors!

2. Keyword Stuffing
Keyword stuffing is the repetition of keywords to the extent that it reads like gibberish. Write sentences that make sense, have a reasonable keyword density, and use semantically related words instead of endlessly repeating keywords. Boat, yacht, boat, yacht, boat, boat, boat will not improve your search ranking for the term “boat” or “yacht”.

3. Hidden Text
Don’t put illegible text at the bottom of the page that a consumer is unable to read. Don’t make the text the same color as the background, or format text or images that are visually undetectable as links so that you are over-inflating the page content. Search Engines are wise to this technique and will punish your site. “This is a short sentence full of illegible gray text.”

4. Meta Keywords
Meta Keywords are no longer used and can be ignored.

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