How to customize ribbons and listing titles for your listings

Ribbons and listing titles are customizable through the Dashboard. You will see this feature whenever you visit a listings page. For example:

By default the background color is red and the text color is white. If you want to change these colors, following these steps:

Step 1. On the Dashboard click Appearance, then Color Configurations.

Step 2. Change the Ribbons and Listing Titles Colors in their appropriate fields.

Step 3. Click on Select Color. A panel will appear that will allow you to select a color. Click and drag to find the color you want or type the color hex code in the space provided. (i.e. #ffffff) Click Select Color.

Step 4. Click Save at the bottom.

TIP: To learn how to add a unique message to your listings, see How to add a listing title in IMT.

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