How to create a blog page on your website

Step 1. From the Dashboard menu, click Posts.

Step 2. Click on Add New at the top.

Step 3. Type in a title for the post and add desired blog content.

Step 4. Under Categories, on the right side. Click on Add New Category. A bar will appear where you can write the name of the new category for this blog page. Keep the parent category untouched and click on the button Add New Category.

TIP: If you will like to add an image to appear as the identifier for this post, you can scroll down and add a Featured Image, on the right sidebar.

Now that the blog post is created and ready to be displayed, a Blog Page will need to created to display the posts.

Step 5. From the Dashboard menu, click Pages.

Step 6. Click on Add New at the top.

Step 7. A new page will open. Fill in a title for the page where it says Enter title here. Add the content for this page in the space provided below the title.

Step 8. On the right side, under Page Attributes change the template from Default Template to Blog Page.

Step 9. Scroll down. Under Blog Template Options and Category, assign the category that was just created on the blog post.

There are a few more settings that can be modified in the display of the blog posts.

Following these steps will ensure the blog posts created for the category selected will be displayed on the blog page which is assigned to the same category.

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