Data Import Feeds

In this article, we will cover the need-to-knows about inventory data import feeds with Boats Group.

What is a Data Feed?

An import data feed will allow you to import your listings to Boat Trader from your DMS or website provider.

How it Works:

Our goal is to make it easier and more streamlined for you to conduct business with Boat Trader. We have outlined a few of the requirements below:

  • Inbound feeds must be approved by our data specialist(s) and follow our standard set up procedure.
  • An individual agreement is required with each customer. Service providers (i.e., DMS, website providers, etc.) or associations are not able to provide feeds for multiple customers. Each customer is required to have a separate agreement with Boats Group.

If you are interested in importing your inventory data to Boat Trader, please contact your sales representative or client account partner for more information.

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