Data Export Feeds

In this article, we will cover the need-to-knows about inventory data export feeds with Boats Group.

What is a Data Feed?

A data feed will allow you to export your listings from Boats Group to a third party marketplace and/or your business website.

How it Works:

Input your listings into BoatWizard once and distribute them across multiple marketplaces to maximize exposure for your listings. In order to set up a data export, we’ve established a few requirements, which are outlined below:

  • Each individual customer must consent to third party distribution. 
  • Boats Group will not accept group consent or provide an open feed of all customer data to a third party.
  • Third party website distribution is approved by Boats Group and contingent on Boats Group resource availability.

If you are interested in exporting your inventory data to a third party website, please contact your sales representative or client account partner for more information.

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