How to print a brochure in the MLS

Step 1. Run a search in the MLS

NOTE: Please see article titled: How to perform a search in the MLS.

Step 2. Select the listing(s) you would like to include in this brochure.

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom and click on print these listings.

Step 4. A prompt will appear that will allow you to choose from ‘New Brochure Templates’ and ‘Classic MLS Template’.

Go to Step 5 for further instructions on printing the Classic MLS Template.

Go to Step 9 for further instructions on printing the New Brochure Templates.

Step 5. After you select the Classic MLS Template option, you will see a prompt with 3 drop down menus:

  1. Include office information for - Select the office information that will be displayed on the brochure.
  2. Page size - Select from letter, legal and A4 page sizes.
  3. Page header - Add your logo in the brochure header.  If no logo is added you will need to select the header space for the top of the brochure. 

    At the bottom you will see a checkbox.  Leave this box checked if you will like to include your company’s website URL in the header of the brochure.

Step 6. Click on Print Preview to view the brochure preview.

Step 7. The preview of the brochure will show 9 columns with the following information:

  1. Image - Main Image for the boat listing
  2. Length - Length of the boat
  3. Boats - Boat make and model
  4. Year - Year of the boat
  5. Price - Listing Price
  6. Codes - Details of the boat (you can view the definition for each code on the bottom left of the brochure)
  7. Location - Location of the boat
  8. Brokerage - Firm that is listing the boat
  9. YW ID# - A unique YachtWorld listing identifier.  

    Step 8.
    If the print preview is to your liking, print the brochure by using the print options in your browser settings.

TIP: With most browsers, you will be able to print by right clicking your mouse then selecting print.

Below are instructions on how to print New Brochure Templates

Step 9. After you select New Brochure Templates, a new tab will open titled: Customize Print Settings.

Step 10. Begin setting up your print options by selecting the Primary Broker Contact info you will like displayed on the brochure.

Step 11. To show your company logo on the brochure check the box below Primary Broker Contact. (by default, this box is already checked)

Step 12. Configure the next print settings on the right:

  1. Primary Office - select which office information to show on the brochure (if multiple office information exists in BoatWizard)
  2. Language - choose which language you would like the brochure in. You may select between 12 different languages
  3. Page Size - choose between A4, Legal and Letter. 

    Step 13.
    Select the style for the brochure from the 4 available templates. (Contact info and logo will appear on all templates)
  1. Multiple - includes a small sized photo, length, make/model, year, engine(s), location and price.
  2. Comparison - includes a medium sized photo, prominent header with make, model and length, a brief description of the boat, the boat name, year, and price.
  3. One Page - includes a large sized photo with 4 smaller sized ones, a brief description of the boat as well as the following information: make, model, length, price, year, condition, boat name, hull material, draft, number of engines, and fuel type.
  4. Full Page - includes an extra large photo with 4 smaller sized ones and the full description and specs of the boat.   

    Step 14.
    If you do not select a template from the previous options, you may select from the following ‘Classic Templates’. (similar to Multiple, Comparison, One Page and Full Page templates, contact info and logo will appear on these as well)
  1. List View Old - includes boat make/model, length, year, price, boat name, and location
  2. Brochure - includes a medium sized photo, boat make/model, length, price, year, condition, hull material, draft, number of engines, fuel type, and description
  3. Standard - includes a large sized photo, plus all details that the Brochure template has
  4. Brochure with Thumbnails - includes a medium sized photo with 4 smaller photos plus all the details that is included in the Brochure template.
  5. BoatWizard Classic - includes same info as the Brochure template with format being different. (i.e. main specs to the right of the main photo and description below it)    

    Step 15. 
    Click Advanced Options to view and edit other settings such as additional contact info, which images to include, special details and other descriptions.   Step 16. Once you’ve selected the options desired, click print at the bottom to see a preview of the brochure. (A new tab will open.   Step 17. Print by clicking the print icon on the top right.   TIP: If you need to revise the brochure, go back to the Customize Print Settings window and adjust as needed.
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