How do I access the new MLS?

Once logged into BoatWizard, go to the MLS tab at the top. A drop-down menu will appear that will allow you to choose between Classic MLS and New MLS.

Will Classic MLS be turned off when the new MLS is live?

Yes. The Classic MLS will be retired August 1, 2021. Our customers were provided with this communication in advance to help prepare for the transition.

What are the main differences between classic MLS and the new MLS?

There are 7 main differences:

  • A new user interface has been created that is better organized to allow for quick and easy search queries.
  • Multifaceted search has been implemented which will allow you to select multiple options within different search categories. (i.e. Make, Model, Location, etc.)
  • Search results are instant and appear on the same page as the search criteria.
  • You can switch between photo and list view when viewing search results.
  • Added: Newest First - This “initial search result” shows the broker the newest boats to enter MLS.
  • My Saved Searches aka “Default Search” - You can now create a custom default search to run and give you instant results as soon as you access MLS.
  • Share listing via Mobile Details Page. You can now instantly share a listing by clicking the share icon. The mobile boat details page is a lighter version of the YachtWorld Boat Details page and will contain the same Boat Specs. Notice that your contact information replaces “Originating Broker Information”.

Will the new MLS include Professional Boat Shopper (PBS)?

Yes. The new MLS will have a modernized PBS experience.

Will my old PBS saved searches in classic MLS carry over to the new MLS?

No. You will need to re-save all desired searches in the new MLS. Ideally, prior to the offline date of classic MLS. However, searches that already exist in classic MLS will not go away.

What results will appear when using Keyword Search in new MLS?

Keyword Search will pull results from the following fields:

Year, Make, Model, Engine Manufacturer, Boat Name, Description, Additional Descriptions, Class, Company Name, Sales Rep., YW Id, and IMT Id.

Can I create a brochure in the new MLS?

Yes. The brochure creation process will remain the same, for now. However, a new brochure experience is coming soon. Stay tuned for further details.

Will I be able to email or print a listing in the new MLS?

Yes. Also, the BoatWizard team is working on a new Email and Print experience! Stay tuned for more details.

Will the YachtCloser Make an Offer button be present in the new MLS?

Yes. However, only YachtCloser customers will be able to click on this icon. Non-YachtCloser customers will see this icon grayed out.

What is this icon section? What does it do?

If you look to the right, you’ll notice a set of icons. Pressing the Share Icon (the one on the top) opens up a mobile boat details page as well as a simple URL of the boat listing that you can include in an email or text message to your client. You’ll notice that the mobile boat details page will show your contact information. The Envelope & Print Icons allow you to email or print a listing, while the YC Icon [when fully shown] will allow you to access YachtCloser in order to start a boat deal. 

How to perform a boat search?

Performing a boat search is easy. Unlike the previous version of MLS, you can now start/create your search by using any of the specs to start. Are you looking for boats with more than 2 engines? Would you like to start looking for your boat via the Country and City to begin with? All of this is possible in the new MLS. You’ll find that many additional specs and filters will be available to you as you conduct/create your search. Additionally, searching for boats the old fashioned way [filling out the criteria from top to bottom] works just as well. 

You can view a video walk-through of the new MLS here.

How to create Professional Boat Shopper (PBS) alert in the new MLS:

Professional Boat Shopper is an exclusive service that notifies YachtWorld Brokers when a specific boat you're searching for enters the market. This service is valuable because you get the results you want based on your boat search criteria. PBS [Professional Boat Shopper] will send you an email during the day, whenever a boat meets your search criteria. 

Creating a PBS is easy, simply run a boat search using any of the criteria available, then scroll down to the bottom left and click the "Save This Search" link. Fill out the customer information, and search information, then click on the terms and conditions in order to activate the "Save Search" button to complete your PBS Search creation.

You’ll notice that Customer Information used for a PBS Search will become added to the “Existing Customer” dropdown

You can then click on the "View PBS" link [] to administer your search. 

How to create a Default Search:

Default Search is a new feature created for our brokers in order to provide convenience in getting a search result for your client. This boat search [once setup] will run instantly when accessing MLS. You can also choose to receive a PBS Email or just leave the boat search results in BoatWizard.

Creating a Default Search is just as easy as a PBS. Simply run a search for the boat then scroll down to the bottom left and click the "Save This Search" link. Fill out only the “Search Information” section, then click on the terms and conditions in order to activate the "Save Search" button to complete your PBS Search creation. Email Notifications is Optional as well.

You can then click on the "View PBS" link [] to administer your search under the “Your Searches” Section. 

You will need to select your “Default Search” in order to activate the search. Only 1 search can be activated at a time. De-Selecting, choosing a new default search to run, and/or deleting the default search will inactivate this feature. You will then return to regular MLS, with “Added: Newest First” as the default search result.

Your “Default Searches” can also be accessed in MLS under the “My Saved Searches” dropdown.

Why are some search options greyed out or faint?

Greyed out and/or faint selections in your search criteria means that there is no active inventory to match that selection. 

For example, you could be looking for and running a search for a Sailboat and notice that there are some classes that are faint and/or greyed out, this means that there is no active inventory to match this class based on the search result.

Another example is that you could be running a market search and looking for a specific boat make in a region and/or state/city. You would look in the state/city fields and notice that there are some that are greyed out and/or

You are still able to check the box to produce a search in order to create a default search and/or PBS Search.

What is the MLS Tour?

For a limited time after launch, broker/users can access a link that will give them a click by click highlight and overview about all the key features of new MLS. The broker can click the next button to move forward to the next highlight, back button to go back, and skip or click away in order to stop viewing the tour.

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