FAQs Required Fields: HIN, Condition, Sale Type


1.) Do I have to update all of my existing listings on Boat Trader, YachtWorld, boats.com and Annonces de Bateau to add HIN?

No. As existing listings are edited in BoatWizard, you will be prompted to add the HIN in order to save changes.

2.) What are HIN requirements for new boats?

HIN is required for all in-stock new boats. It is an optional field for new boats that are designated as On Order.

3.) What about used boats?

HIN is required for all used boat listings in order to be active on Boat Trader, YachtWorld, boats.com and Annonces de Bateau.

4.) Is there a specific format for HINs?

The most common (and suggested) formats for HINs are 12- and 14-characters, such as the examples below, using MIC:

12-character: MIC123456789 (starts with 3 letters)

14-character: USMIC123456789 (starts with 5 letters - country code, then MIC)

5.) What should I do if the boat I’m listing does not have a HIN?

While HIN is required for all in-stock new listings and used listings built after 1989, there may be some instances when providing HIN is not possible. An example of this may be outside of the U.S. where HIN regulations were not previously enforced. There are also a few HIN Class Exclusions.

Condition of Boat:

1.) How do I know which condition best depicts my boat listing?

We suggest using the following definitions to determine if your boat listing is in Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor condition:

Excellent - Looks new, is in excellent mechanical & cosmetic condition and needs no reconditioning.

Good - Free of any major defects.

Fair - Some mechanical or cosmetic defects and needs servicing; still in reasonable running condition.

Poor - Severe mechanical and/or cosmetic defects; in poor running condition.

2.) How will this information be used?

Over half of consumers surveyed across our sites said that not having enough information about the boat and its condition was their biggest challenge in shopping for a boat. To address this feedback, we have added the Condition field so that in the future, this information can be displayed on boat detail pages on Boat Trader, YachtWorld, boats.com and Annonces de Bateau to better inform consumers. Remember, being transparent about a boat’s condition and history will often generate more business than providing vague information

Sale Type:

1.) How will this information be used?

As we continue to make improvements to our soldboats.com platform, contributing members will be able to search by Sale Type. 

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