Product Update: BoatWizard Reports

What's New with BoatWizard Reports?

We have been hard at work improving your experience in the BoatWizard Reporting Dashboards. Fewer clicks. No wasted time. More comprehensive data. See below for our latest product updates that will empower you to pull more data that will help you make better business decisions. Please contact your account manager for a deeper dive!

"I have been extremely impressed with not only the customer service that I receive from the Boats Group team (Caroline, Latasha, Luis, & Drew), but the constant updates made to the software. It is very important for me to have the data and reporting needed at any given time. Boats Group has made that easily accessible as well as improving the reporting features. Sorting the amount of listing views per broker/date are extremely helpful." -Sara Osheroff, Business Development Manager

"The improved reporting functionality in Boat Wizard has given us the ability to learn more about customers than ever before. The improved interface tells us how our listings are delivered to potential customers so we know what products to put dollars behind. We now better understand what customers are doing with our listings with the connections graph; everything loads significantly faster for quick comparisons. I love how granular my search results can be. We see what brands are most popular, what sizes are most sought after, & even see top office performers. The ability to export the reports has changed how we communicate with our brokerage customers. We are able to show how effective our product placement is, which helps to sell their boat faster & allows us to continue to get high quality brokerage boats to sell." 
-Nicole Esterson, Marketing Manager, Intrinsic Yachts


IMT-ID Data: Consistently displays in table & filters, allowing easier identification & navigation

Subtotals: Quickly see total impressions or listing views; no need to hover to total the day-by-day or week-to-week

Clear Button: Reset filters & reporting. No need to refresh the browser. More options & filters, but easier to start a new search

Listing Count: Compare listing count between new, & used inventory which aligns with lead count & impressions

Lead & Global CSV Export: Connect more data points between listings & lead count with the view of your choice; include listing data so you can connect more data points in your view of choice (coming later-raw spreadsheet)

New & Improved Filters: Expand & group listing performance views by Make, Price, Condition, & more. You can now also select more than one single filter option from the same filter without refreshing the page! 

Premium Product Graph: See a granular view of your premium product(s) performance. Sort by region/DMA, or class & export all data into a CSV

Tool Tips: No more confusion over reporting terminology. "i" symbols walk you through what each data definition and how you can use it

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