How Sold Prices are Calculated

How are the prices of sold boats calculated in YachtCloser? 

There are multiple costs associated with the sale of a vessel - and it's important that sold prices are captured and reported consistently across all transactions. In order to ensure that the sold boat data is reflective of the price of the vessel (exclusive of non-vessel related totals), we have created the following "cheat sheet" to provide more detail about the how the sold boat prices are being calculated and reported from YachtCloser in

Calculating the YachtCloser Sold Price

YachtCloser Sold Price = Sold Price Total - (Additional Units) - (Survey Allowance)

Simply put, the Contracted Sold price of the vessel is being shown in, deducting any non-vessel related expenses.


Calculating the YachtCloser Deal Sold Price

YachtCloser Deal Sold Price = Total Purchase Total - (Trailer) - (Product Protection) - (Freight) - (Other) - (Misc)

When a deal is closed between two retailers, expenses such as trailers, freight, discounts, and promotions are deducted from the sold price. The sold price should only reflect the price of the vessel. 

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