New Homepage FAQ (2022)

New BoatWizard Homepage FAQ

How do I access the new BoatWizard homepage?
Log in to BoatWizard using your credentials, from there you will be automatically taken to the homepage. This is where you will be directed each time you log in. 

What do Listing Stats show me?
Listings stats provide a snippet of your impressions, leads, and more important statistics. 

What does View My Gallery show me?
This is where you’ll see your listing gallery, a collection of your listings across all brands you currently have a membership with. 

What do the Contact Manager Stats show me?
Contact Manager Stats show an overview of leads received by your own Contact Manager. Depending on your role, you may see your own stats. 

What does My Team show me?
My Team contains a direct link to contact your account team. This can be your Account Manager, Regional Sales Consultant, or the Boats Group support team, whoever is on your dedicated team that can answer any questions you have.

Why can’t I see some features on my homepage?
Some products, features, and benefits may not be available to all. Features are dependent on your specific membership services and each dashboard is customized

Will there be additional updates to my homepage in the future?
Yes! More upgrades to come! We will be in touch with any additional features that we add. 

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