Using LeadSmart to Increase Your Conversion Rates and Guide Leads Down the Funnel

At the end of the day, all your inbound marketing efforts exist in order to turn prospects into customers. As leads enter the top of your sales funnels, it's important to manage these leads effectively so you can market to them correctly. You want your prospects to progress past the lead stage and to ultimately become customers, and LeadSmart gives you the information you can use to provide each prospect with a more relevant and personalized experience. 

We’ve put together top tips for using LeadSmart more effectively and employing better lead management strategies:

Do use LeadSmart information to prioritize leads. People that have submitted leads for similar boats within a recent time period should be prioritized or scored higher than leads who may be in the early stages of research. 

Don’t start the conversation with a prospect by sharing LeadSmart data! This can make people feel uneasy. Remember, the LeadSmart information is meant to give you information to have more relevant conversations with prospects - not make them feel like “big brother” is watching.

Do create lead groups. By sorting your leads into different groups, you can determine the type of content and approach that will resonate most with them. One of the easiest ways to do this is to put leads in groups based on the buying stages. You can then create email campaigns for your lead groups with targeted messaging.

Do the research about the other boat(s) prospects are interested in based on the LeadSmart data. This information gives you deeper knowledge about what features are important to a prospect, their budget range, and if they’re brand agnostic. 

By using LeadSmart in your lead management process, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your conversion rates. If you need help developing lead management techniques using LeadSmart, please speak with your sales consultant or account manager.

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