What is the Sponsored Boats Ad on Boat Trader and what can it do for my business?

Sponsored Boats Ad - Top placement on Boat Trader’s most popular pages.

Where is this ad located?

The Sponsored Boats Ad appears at the very top of a search results page.

TIP: There are two ways someone can land on a search results page. If they run a search directly on Boat Trader or if they run a search on a search engine. (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.)

Who can see this ad?

Since this ad is sold monthly by DMA (Designated Market Area), the audience will vary. There are currently 59 active DMAs that this placement is served to. Your total audience reach will be dependent on which DMA your listing will appear under. (I.e. Miami-Dade County and the Keys)

Top Benefit:

Increase listing views. If your business is seeking market share with a certain boat segment in a specific DMA, this ad placement is ideal. On average, this ad spot will receive 22,000 impressions and 86 more listing views per month..

For more information on the Sponsored Boats Ad, please speak with your Region Sales Consultant or email allsales@boats.com

You may also visit the Boats Group website for additional details on this ad.

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