What is the Premium Featured Boat Ad on YachtWorld and what can it do for my business?

Premium Featured Boat Ad  - Be the brand on the YachtWorld homepage.

Where is this ad located?

The Premium Featured Boat Ad appears on the YachtWorld homepage. It’s the largest ad that is available for purchase on YachtWorld.  

Who will see this ad?

Since the ad is sold by region and weekly, the audience will vary. There are currently 13 active regions that this placement is served to. Your total audience reach will be dependent on what region you would like the listing to appear in. (I.e. Southeast Region which includes the states of: GA, SC, NC, TN)

Top Benefit:

Maximum brand awareness. If your business is seeking to increase awareness for a listing, this ad placement is ideal. On average, this ad spot will receive 18,000 impressions and 400 click-throughs on a weekly basis.

If you're interested in purchasing a Premium Featured Boat Ad, please speak with your Regional Sales Consultant or email allsales@boats.com

You may also visit the Boats Group website for additional details on this ad.

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